Vice Sports: Ride Along With Los Angeles Lakers Star Rookie D’Angelo Russell

by Brandon

When the Los Angeles Lakers selected D’Angelo Russell to be the franchise’s next cornerstone in the 2015 NBA Draft it came as a surprise to many who believed the pick should of been Jahlil Okafor out of Duke University. But what the Lakers saw in Russell was a guy who could potentially man the their backcourt for the next 10+ seasons. Standing at 6’5 with an exceptionally smooth handle on the ball, an above average IQ for such a young age, and a willingness to continue improving upon his weaknesses. It is hard to say anything other than that the Lakers flat out hit a home run with their second overall pick in this years draft. In order to give the basketball world a better look into who D’Angelo is, VICE sports accompanied him during a ride along around the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Asking him questions about variety of topics. What you can take away from this ride along is the that D’Angelo knows what his responsibilities consist of now and he possess an incredibly laid back demeanor. Which is exactly the mentality needed to be a successful point guard, you have to be able to let bad plays go and move on the next possession. Take a look at the video below and get a look into who D’Angelo Russell really is!

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