Victor Martinez Guest Posing At The 2015 NPC Utah

by Adam Smith

NPC shows have been designed to find the future talent of the sport. It’s a testing ground for those who may be interested in turning their bodybuilding hobby into a legitimate career. It’s a tough sport to compete in, particularly at the higher levels, but for those with the resolve to push themselves past their limits they’ll find a pretty rewarding and unique experience. NPC shows are the perfect stage to determine how far an amateur is willing to push himself.

Besides being a proving ground for the amateurs out there, NPC shows also offer the audience as well as the competitors a look at the difference between amateur and professional level bodybuilders. Some shows have the privilege of having some of the pros guest pose on the smaller stages and entertain the fans. It can also give the world at large a preview into how the pros have been fairing during the off season.

Victor Martinez has been a top competitor in the sport for over a decade now, competing with some of the sports greatest athletes. The Dominican born New Yorker is still ranked amongst the best bodybuilders in the world and its that work ethic that has brought him a slew of championships. At this past weekends 2015 NPC Utah show, The Dominican Dominator gave audiences a glimpse at the physique he’s been building up in the off season. Take a look for yourself.

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