Victoria Secret Model Sara Sampaio Shows You How She Works Out At The Gym

by Adam Smith

You can see seductive Portuguese model Sara Sampaio pretty much everywhere. She has modeled for magazines such as GQ, Elle, Vogue and been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has been in Axe body spray commercials and walked the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. So how does such a busy woman stay in such spectacular shape? Sara shares her tricks in this series of videos where she jump ropes, kickboxes and lifts 3-pound weights to a sexy body.

Maybe you could get a few exercise tips from Sara. No offense, but if I’m going to watch a video on exercises I should be doing, I’d rather receive the information from the scintillating Sara Sampaio instead of some sweaty, veiny dude. Maybe you could share the videos as a subtle message to your girlfriend who may have overindulged in carbs over the holiday.

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