Want To Know How Brandon Marshall Stays In Shape During The Off-Season?

by Brandon

Brandon Marshall is without a doubt one of the top receivers in the NFL today. His mixture of explosiveness, strength, speed and height make him a nightmare for apposing defensive backs and defensive coordinators. Devising a game plan to flat out stop Marshall is unrealistic, the best you can do is hope to contain him. The talent was god given but getting the most of that talent is the job of Matt Gates.

In 2011 Brandon Marshall and his trainer Matt Gates created FIT speed and athletic performance facility located in Weston, Florida. Since its opening over one hundred professional athletes have trained at the facility. In this video we take a look Brandon Marshall putting in the time to get his body ready for the current NFL season. The grind never stops for a profession athlete. Clearly evident by the intense workout regimen Brandon is captured going through here. That work ethic is the essential factor in allowing Brandon Marshall to remain at the top of his game!

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