Want To See What The President Looks Like During A Workout? It May Surprise You…

by Adam Smith


Like millions of gym goers President Barack Obama grimaces while lifting weights. Like millions he does lunges and step ups and tests his cardio on an elliptical machine. Unlike millions, he is surreptitiously captured on a video that goes viral on the Internet.


A one-minute, 10-second clip of Obama exercising in the gym at the Marriott Hotel Warsaw in Poland, offering an unusual glimpse of the president in full workout mode. The clip, made by a hotel guest, shows Obama in a black gym suit, ear buds in place, choosing weights and working through an exercise routine that includes shoulder presses and deltoid lifts. The Secret Service, whose agents accompany the president at all times, confirmed the legitimacy of the video.


No guest was asked to refrain from taking pictures. Obama routinely works out at hotel gyms during his travels. Hotel guests are permitted to remain in the gym during his workouts.

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