Was He The Strongest Wrestler Of All Time?

by Adam Smith

One of the greatest wrestlers of all time pushed himself hard in the gym. If you were a fan of wrestling in the 80’s and 90’s then there’s no way you don’t know the name. The Ultimate Warrior was one of those wrestling characters that got you hyped up the moment he’d make his entrance until he set foot into the squared circle. The Ultimate Warrior, born James Hellwig, was not only an awesome character to behold, but also a major inspiration.

The man was in tip top condition and to my mind was one of the first wrestler I could remember as being a comic book superhero made flesh. He was over the top, in incredible shape, and filled with a vigor and energy that made him one of the most memorable figures in my childhood. He brought that level of intensity that every wrestling fan could appreciate and the physicality to match. Even in his later years, Hellwig was still a force in the gym, pushing some serious weight with the same level of intensity he was known for in the gym. The was in fact an amateur bodybuilder before entering into professional wrestling and you can tell from his physique which was more ripped and shredded than his counter parts in the WWE.

It’s been a year now since the famed wrestler’s death and although he has faced criticism for his conduct outside of the ring, the fact remains that the Warrior was one of the most iconic wrestlers of all time and remains a popular figure even today. In honor of the Warrior, check out this sick motivational training video that illustrates just how intense the man was in the weight room. What are your thoughts on The Ultimate Warrior? Let us know in the comments below.

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