Watch Bo Jackson Patiently Explain Who He Is To A Teenager

by Adam Smith

Apparently this isn’t general knowledge anymore. For our sake, I’m glad Bo Jackson was mic’d during this year’s Chicago White Sox camp. But for this kid’s sake, I wish he hadn’t been.

Jackson is currently a special spring training instructor at the camp, and he’s just as good at teaching history as he is at teaching baseball. When LaRoche didn’t seem quite sure who his instructor was, Bo happily explained his accomplishments. This young man is Drake LaRoche (son of White Sox first baseman Adam LaRoche), and in his defense, Jackson retired long before he was born.

LaRoche was appropriately impressed when Jackson told him, “I’m the only player to make it to the Pro Bowl in football and the All-Star Game in baseball. And I’m the MVP of the All-Star Game.”

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