Watch John Cena Squat 500+ Pounds With Ease

by Adam Smith

Wrestlers get a bad rap for just playing in a fake sport, but they are true world-class athletes. John Cena blew away that misconception by squatting an insane SIX-HUNDRED-POUNDS! The Champ posted the video to his Twitter with the caption, “The speed of life gives us chances to make excuses. Define goals, take a pause, and realize you can move mountains.” Speaking of pauses, the WWE star comes to a complete stop during this squat which makes this even more impressive. He breaks parallel AND he’s squatting outside the rack with no protection. Cena is an absolute beast. Cena is no little guy, but he’s a small 250-pounds compared to other wrestlers, for instance the Big Show weighs a hefty 425-pounds. But Cena has heart and dedication, no one can deny that.

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