Watch Ronda Rousey’s Insane Abs Core Workout

by Adam Smith

Ronda Rousey shows every one why she is Champion. In an interview she talks about training, working out and her abs. How grueling is training right now? “Overall, I really only rest about two or three weeks throughout the year. The rest of the time I’m working. But the anticipation for the fight can actually be more insane. I love the training and fighting, but waiting for it to happen makes me crazy! When they build up something in the press, it can just be mentally exhausting, waiting for that moment to finally be here.”

What is your typical workout? “For MMA, you have to be good at so many different techniques: technical striking, Judo, wrestling, grappling, strength conditioning, Pilates and even training on sand dune hills. The coolest part of my training is that I get to change it around based on how I feel. That’s the difference between MMA and Judo – I’m not on a monotonous training schedule. Every day is cool and interesting, so I never dread going to practice.” Your abs (among other things) are seriously lust-worthy. Is it genetics, or is there hope for the rest of us? “My abs never used to be like this until I started doing MMA. When you do one sport, you’re specialized. But now all those tiny muscles show up because I’m doing so much. The variety really helps.”

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