What Is Your Definition Of Success?

by Brandon

At one time or another we have all struggled to define what success actually means, attempting to throw one definition on it when it is a concept that means something different to each individual in the world. Therefore, you must clearly define what success means to you before you can be successful in any endeavor. And due to the society we live in most of us live our lives chasing the lifestyle we see on television and movie screens. Which is the lifestyle of the rich and famous but despite what you have been convinced to believe, money shouldn’t be the measuring stick to which you determine how successful you are.

In fact, to truly be successful you must uncover your passions as appose to sole worrying about the money you are making. Because you could be making all the money in the world but if you aren’t getting any enjoyment or satisfaction out of your life you will eventually become unmotivated to get up and work everyday. On the other hand you could be making way less money and actually look forward to waking up everyday because you are doing something you love. Chase money and you will live a miserable life, chase your passions and you will find gratification in what you are doing each and everyday. As Bradley Martyn puts it “Figure out what you love and let that shit kill you”

Bradley has been receiving a lot of questions regarding how he views success and manages to continuously remain motivated which is why he put out the video below which is a slightly different from his usual videos but is incredibly insightful!

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