What You Think When You Are Out Of Shape At The Gym

by Adam Smith

“Go to the gym. It’ll be easy!” … so they said.

And then you find yourself trying to get through those first few days by making bets with who else,  yourself.  The reward being a taco or burger or something that you know is not on your diet and healthy eating plan.

It’s ironic. Many of us don’t want to go to the gym precisely because we’re embarrassed by how out of shape we are. It’s a vicious cycle. Instead, we delay going to the gym and spend our time gorging on ice cream.

We’ve all had our subpar days at the gym, especially after hectic days at the office that require extensive lounging on the couch at home as opposed to lifting free weights. However, this is what happens when weeks of workout routines have been skipped. You’ll become a gym noob/failure as demonstrated in Buzzfeed.com’s original video.

Better get back on that gym grind!

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