What Male Body Part Do Women Like The Most?

by Brandon

Lets all be honest here, while we all should be training for the benefit of our own health we are also slightly motivated to look good for the opposite sex. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it is just the way we are programmed. The last thing any dude wants is to hit it off with a girl to ultimately have everything ruined the moment he removes his t-shirt. A well put together and strong physique goes a long way in giving off a positive impression. It shows that not only are you fit but that you are willing to work hard to achieve what you want. But all this talk begs the question of – What male body part do women like the most? Abs, Arms, Chest, Back or even Legs? Well I guess that all depends on the women you ask but to give us a feel for where women’s heads are when it comes to this question we have the video below. In which a guy goes around asking numerous females what male body part are they most attracted to and some of the answers might catch you completely off guard!

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