What Women Believe Is The Ideal Male Body Type

by Brandon

While all men might claim they only go to the gym in an effort to better themselves, they can not deny the fact that the main reasons they bust their tails off at the gym is to look good and impress women. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I mean who doesn’t want to have a physique they are proud of and be able to hit the beach to flaunt it off? But wouldn’t it be nice to know what women believe is the ideal body type for men? Well in an effort to help out all dudes out there, GQ surveyed a few ladies about what they physically like to see in a guy. And the results were pretty predictable for the most part. Thankfully for us all it seems as if the dad bod is losing the appeal it enjoyed over the past year, hopefully we can leave it in 2015 where it belongs.

Take a look at the results for what women view as the ideal body type for men in the video below!

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