Who Wants Chicken Legs ?

by Brandon

It’s Wednesday, the middle of the week and the day many label as ‘Leg Day’. Not the most glorious muscles to workout and the easiest workout session to skip. Leg training can be tough and it can become tempting to skip your leg workout in favor of a easier training session. Who wouldn’t prefer to workout the showier muscles such as: chest, biceps, triceps, or back. Just think about how weird it looks to have a muscular upper body paired with some scrawny looking chicken legs – not a good sight, especially if you are an aspiring bodybuilder. Putting in the necessary time to build up your legs can have benefits besides just looks. Having strong legs can improve your athleticism by making you a stronger, faster, more explosive individual. Not to mention that exercises like squats, and deadlifts burn a higher number of calories than easier upper body movements such as bicep curls or lateral raises. Lets stop neglecting those legs and set some deadlift and squat personal records today!

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