Working Out With An Olympic Speedskater

by Adam Smith


Being a successful short-track speedskater is no easy feat. Members of the United States team follow a grueling schedule that involves up to eight hours of training, six days a week. They lift weights, they run and they cycle. And they practice racing around a rink at 40 miles an hour on two razor-sharp blades.


We asked Eddy Alvarez, who will be competed in his first Olympics in Sochi, Russia, to take us through a speedskater’s workout. Nicknamed Eddy the Jet, Mr. Alvarez, 23, started roller-skating as a child while growing up in Miami, then transitioned to ice. He has won national and World Cup medals in speedskating. But his career was nearly derailed two years ago by devastating knee injuries, which required surgery that left him bedridden for a month. His doctor told him he might never skate again.


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