Worst Girlfriend Ever Covers Boyfriend’s Toilet Paper In Pepper Spray (Video)

by Adam Smith

Once the unfortunate boyfriend went to use the bathroom, she set up cameras to film what she probably assumed would be his amusing reaction.

Upon emerging from the bathroom, however, the poor guy bent over in pain, clutching his butt and moaning.

Unsurprisingly, he was not amused. So the girlfriend, seemingly regretful of her ill-advised prank, brought him ice to soothe the burn — which, she later gleefully reveals, was also doused in pepper spray.

And while he yells in pain, she has the nerve to tell him not to overreact. I couldn’t imagine how much that hurt!

I find it hard to believe someone could do something this messed up to a significant other.

This girlfriend better watch out: There’s nothing sweeter than revenge, and you can bet her boyfriend’s (burnt) ass that he’ll get it.

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