Would You Train At John Cena’s Hardcore Gym?

by Adam Smith

“Where bodybuilders have a bevy of gyms to choose from, expressly devoted to bodybuilding like the East Coast Mecca, The Powerhouse Gym, and the West Coast Mecca, Gold’s Gym – it’s far less known where wrestlers choose to go when they wish to do their weightlifting. The obvious choice would be to go to an average gym and train hard or to one the aforementioned gyms like Gold’s. But just like bodybuilders, wrestlers would likely prefer to train with people of a like mind and similar interests.”

“That’s where John Cena’s gym, Hard Nock’s South, comes into play. Located in Tampa Florida, it’s a haven for wrestlers who are looking to get some top notch strength and conditioning into their routine. Cena set up the gym as a place where the young up and comers in the sport could have a place to train. Check out the gym below and you may see some familiar faces.”

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