YouTuber Uses Blizzard As Perfect Opportunity To Snowboard Through Empty NYC Streets!

by Brandon

Most New Yorkers were trapped indoors this past weekend as a result of the huge snow storm they encountered. All of the streets in the “Big Apple” were empty due to the travel ban that was in effect but one man who would not be confined by this winter storm or its bans was YouTuber Casey Neistat. Grabbing a few buddies, a snowboard, and a camera as he would begin his adventure through the New York City streets. Snowboarding through the vacant city streets while being pulled by a Jeep Wrangler and I have admit it was pretty sick. Not many people can say that they cruised through Times Square on a snowboard during one of the biggest snow storms but one guy who can is Casey Neistat. Take a look at Casey navigating through the streets and even the NYPD stop by to say a few words in the video below!

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