Zyzz vs Jeff Seid – Who Do Girls Think Is Sexier?

by Adam Smith

So this guy decides to ask a bunch of random girls on camera who is sexier Jeff Seid or Zyzz we could not care less what they think, but what is interesting in this video is how many girls despise aesthetic physiques like Jeff and Zyzz have. I think most of us can agree to this comment some youtuber made on the video.

“If you notice, the moderately attractive girls are the ones who actually think and analyze the question and come up with some sort of an answer. The reason the other girls (cringe worthy one at 3:20 especially) say they’re gross is because they know what a higher level those two are on than them and try to use insults as a way to level with them. Also they know it wouldn’t matter because they wouldn’t have a chance with either of them anyways lol”

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